Belgium: the number one biotech country in Europe!


For the third year in a row, Belgium has been ranked the number one country in Europe for biotech! Belgium is consistently included in the top five countries on a number of measures. But when it comes to the total market value of all public biotech companies in Europe, Belgium really takes the cake with a huge 24% slice. Furthermore, despite pressure from the pandemic, the value of Belgian biotech companies has increased by no less than 56% in the past year to €42 billion, putting 2020 on course to be a record-breaking year in a positive way. The great news was presented by KBC Securities at the virtual State of the Union organized by and VIB for this year’s Knowledge for Growth. With such a fantastic ecosystem of innovation, experience and support, we can't say we're too surprised. However, we should all take this moment to be very proud of our small country, which punches well above it's weight when it comes to life sciences! See full article on the BioVox website:

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