Matching (patient or society) needs with business opportunities and offers, is not only about developing new products, often there are several aspects of the healthcare system that need improvement through novel approaches in addressing market needs.


Examples of how we guide projects across the entire Value chain, linking Lab to Market:

1. More efficiency in the transfers along the value chain from the laboratory (academic idea or invention) through product development (clinical studies to demonstrate effectiveness, industry to produce) to the market (distributors, regulators, hospitals, doctors and the patient) can be achieved if all these stakeholders work together from the start with a shared strategy. 

2. More personalized approach to match therapies better to the actual need of the individual patient: business models that address a better/tailored healthcare at personal level to avoid delivery of therapies that don’t work in that particular patient.

3. Better prevention (business models that address prevention of disease in an economic viable way) and business models that address access to healthcare in a broader sense. This includes wellness, sports, behavioural change, for example, might be more complex but in the end is cheaper for the healthcare system.

4.  Better reimbursement models - who pays? the patient, your doctor, your insurance company or a third party? Approaches are needed that bring all the stakeholders together and develop business models that are more affordable/sustainable at country/regional level.





And at the entrepreneurial level, we help to optimize your business plan, connect you with the right partners and help you to structure your contract negotiations.




This facilitates access to further funds and private capital (see figure): at various stages of development a company may draw from different financing sources. Depending on where you are and who you are talking to your (perceived) risk profile may be different, which influences the terms of the contract.


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