EUPLANTCROPP - EUropean PLANT metabolites platform of CROP Protection

Submitted under the call INFRAIA-02-2017, Research and Innovation Action, it’s a 4.0 research infrastructure providing an eco-metabolomics approach to crop protection.

The proposal has succeeded the first step of evaluation and has been submitted to the final evaluation.  

EUPLANTCROPP brings together and integrates top-level regional, national, and European research infrastructures and communities to provide an innovative research platform for scientists from companies and academia to take an eco-metabolomics approach to sustainable plant protection. Scientists, companies, and especially SMEs, will have access to the best facilities in Europe and benefit from the integrated know-how of this unique R&D platform to develop innovative products and methods of crop protection. 

EUPLANTCROPP will function as the crystallisation point of a lively, interacting international Community of Knowledge committed to advance sustainable crop protection. We expect that in the next ten years the Community will grow to encompass all relevant research communities and infrastructures, breeding companies, farmers, producers of bio-pesticides, regulatory authorities and other key stakeholders in Europe.

A legal entity, in the form of a non-profit Association, will be set up with the main objective of maintaining, extending and exploiting the research infrastructure at the end of the Horizon 2020 project. It will take over the deliverables of the project and facilitate further R&D-projects with companies and academia to maintain the joint facilities and sustain the Community beyond the H2020 project. RIMS is one of the three founding partners of the Association, and will put its expertise and global network to further exploitation and develop sustainable business cases. 

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